Group – Territorial


To raise for the Kingdom of God, an army of people prepared for the Lord

To raise an army of God for the purpose of pulling down the strongholds and every structure that hinders the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ

To engage in violent prayer evangelism until the heavens of our continent, nations, cities, villages and communities are opened for the outpouring of the grace of God for salvation of souls of men from heaven

To deal with the wicked altars and territorial strongholds and pray violently for the release of the captives of these strongholds to the liberty in Christ Jesus

To raise an army of occupation who will stand on God’s side and occupy till he comes to reign eternally

To pray and ensure possession of divine eternal inheritance for Christians and subdue all satanic powers of the endtime

To train men with understanding of the Holy Bible, who will live the bible-life and abound in the obedience and grace of God

To provide sound spiritual basis for the growth of the gospel through evangelism by dealing with powers that hinder the growth of the word[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]