Power Must Change Hands

1st Saturday of Every Month – 9:00am – 12noon


The History of the Power Must Change Program

In July 1995, the Almighty God, through the power of the Holy Ghost, established a program at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, where one can pray himself out of any unfavorable situation, and the Holy Spirit will take over one’s life completely.

This program which is titled, ‘Power Must Change Hands’ holds on the first Saturday of every month between 8am and 11am. Over the years, participants at the program have gained complete deliverance from every form of bondage of the enemy. God set up Power Must Change Hands Program to:

  1. Bring salvation unto the people
  2. Bring deliverance and healing unto the people
  3. Make people receive the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. Put the enemy’s gear in reverse position
  5. Preach the full gospel by the power of the God of wonders
  6. Enable God’s people to possess their possessions
  7. Depopulate the kingdom of darkness and increase the kingdom of God

All copies of past activities and events of this great programs (Audio, Tapes, Video, prayer points and publication since 1995) can be purchased from any of our bookstore or downloaded from our international website anytime.

PMCH Service-1st Saturday of Every Month 9:00am – 12noon

Monthly Deliverance – Every Month

Deliverance Services (Full & Weekend Deliverance)

January (1st Born & General Deliverance) Full Deliverance 1/25/18(9am – 12noon)
1/26/18(9am – 12noon)
1/26/18(8pm – 1am)
1/27/18(9am – 12noon)
February Weekend Deliverance 2/22/18 (9am-12noon)
2/23/18 (9am-12noon)
2/24/18 (9am-12noon)
March Weekend Deliverance  03/30/18 (7pm-10pm)

03/31/18 (9am-12noon)


April Full Deliverance  04/01/18 (9am-12noon)

04/26/18 (9am-12noon)

04/27/18 (9am-12noon)


04/28/18 (9am-12noon)

May Weekend Deliverance  05/25/18 (7pm-10pm)

05/26/18 (9am-12noon)


05/27/18 (Immediately after service)

June Full Deliverance  06/21/18 (9am-12noon)

06/22/18 (9am-12noon)


06/23/18 (9am-12noon)

July Weekend Deliverance  07/27/18 (7pm-10pm)

07/28/18 (9am-12noon)


07/29/18 (Immediately after service)

August Full Deliverance  08/23/18 (9am-12noon)

08/24/18 (9am-12noon)


08/25/18 (9am-12noon)

September Weekend Deliverance  09/28/18 (7pm-10pm)

09/29/18 (9am-12noon)


09/30/18 (Immediately after service)

October Full Deliverance  10/25/18 (9am-12noon)

10/26/18 (9am-12noon)


10/27/18 (9am-12noon)

November Weekend Deliverance 11/23/18 (7pm-10pm)

11/24/18 (9am-12noon)


11/25/18 (Immediately after service)

December Worker’s Deliverance  12/7/18 (7pm-10pm)

12/8/18 (7pm-10pm)

12/9/18 (7pm-10pm)


Breakthrough Clinic

Every 1st Thursday of the Month(12:00pm – 2:00pm)

Prayer Rain

Every 2nd Friday of the Month(12:00pm – 2:00pm)

7 Hours with God

Every 3rd Friday of the Month(11:00pm – 3:00am)

Men and Women Fellowship

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month(12:00pm – 2:00pm)


Tuesday from 1:00pm – 6:00pm.

Wednesday-Hospital & Prison Visits.

Monday, Thursday & Friday-No counseling.