Scripture for the week: John 14:15 (KJV) “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”


Prayers For The Week: 

  1. Father, thank you for your loving kindness and for your divine plans for my life!
  2. Lord, I bless Your Name for you loved me first, even before the foundation of the world and inscribed my name in the book of life. Be Thou exalted forevermore!
  3. O God, flood my heart with love for You and with compassion for souls; give me a heart after Yours.
  4. Lord, teach me to live and walk not by my own understanding and fleshly desires, but to yield to the Holy Spirit and to do your will.
  5. O God, I thank you for all the blessings and breakthroughs that you are prepared for me for the last days of this year! By your divine power, they shall manifest.
  6. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the prayers that I ought to pray to end this year well.
  7. Father God, let your power of substitution work against any power or agent of darkness that want me to die.
  8. Lord, let all the wicked plans of the enemy to create havoc in our nation be frustrated.
  9. Father Lord, let every plan and strategy of satan against MFM Rockville, MD, fail woefully.

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