Scripture for the week: Psalm 124:6 (KJV) “Blessed be the Lord, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.”

Prayers For The Week: 

  1. Father, I bless Your Name, for You have protected me and my family against every attack of the wicked; I am comforted that as long as you live, they shall not have the last say in our lives!
  2. Powers using my face to appear in other people’s dreams, be exterminated by the power of God.
  3. O Lord, bring me out from every valley that have hindered my progress.
  4. Ancestral pollutions in my blood, O blood of Jesus, purge them away, and replace the blood that runs through my body.
  5. Every good thing in my life, swallowed by serpents, be converted to fire and be vomited.
  6. Anyone sending battles to me, O Lord, send their battles back to them sevenfold.
  7. Every curse fulfilling the works of disappointment in my life, blood of Jesus, destroy it.
  8. Power of evil magnets, attracting the wrong people to my life, expire.
  9. O Lord, dismantle the evil agenda of the enemy against MFM Rockville, MD.

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